Pols Ice Cream Waffle Cup Multipack 4pcs

2盒: HK$110

2 Boxes: HK$110

Pols 雪糕窩夫杯4件裝,讓你與家人朋友一同分享,體驗來自北歐的經典口味。

(開心果, 朱古力曲奇, 雲呢拿, 朱古力)



原產地: 拉脱維亞

Country of Origin: LATVIA


A perfect box for sharing! Contains one of each Pols waffle cup flavour.

(Pistachio, Chocolate Cookies, Vanilla, Chocolate)


Nutrition Information:

Chocolate Ice-Cream with Chocolate Pieces in Sugar Waffle Cup x1

Per 100g 

Energy                       284kcal/1189 kj 

Protein                                          4.0g 

Total Fat                                      12.7g 

  • Saturated fat               9.6g 

  • Trans fat                       0.2g 

Carbohydrates                              35g 

  • Sugars                         26.8g 

Sodium                                       0.07g 

Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream in Sugar Waffle Cup x1

Per 100g 

Energy                       269 kcal/1129 kj 

Protein                                          3.2g 

Total Fat                                       10.3g 

  • Saturated fat               8.3g 

  • Trans fat                       0.2g 

Carbohydrates                              37g 

  • Sugars                            26  g 

Sodium                                       0.18g 


Vanilla Ice-Cream in Sugar Waffle Cup x1

Per 100g 

Energy                       261kcal/1094 kj 

Protein                                          3.3g 

Total Fat                                        13g 

  • Saturated fat               9.0g 

  • Trans fat                       0.2g 

Carbohydrates                              32g 

  • Sugars                            27  g 

Sodium                                       0.12g 


Pistachio Ice-Cream in Sugar Waffle Cup x1

Per 100g 

Energy                       270 kcal/1130 kj 

Protein                                          3.4g 

Total Fat                                        13g 

  • Saturated fat               9.2g 

  • Trans fat                       0.3g 

Carbohydrates                              34g 

  • Sugars                            25g 

Sodium                                       0.12g 



Pols雪糕窩夫杯(4件裝) Pols Ice Cream Waffle Cup Multipack 4pcs