Pols Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream Cup Multipack 4pcs

2盒: HK$110

2 Boxes: HK$110

(可選擇不同味道而同價格的雪糕 May choose different flavors and the same price ice cream)




一盒4件的經典雲呢拿雪糕杯4件裝及Pols 雪糕窩夫杯4件裝,讓你與家人朋友一同分享,體驗來自北歐的經典口味。


原產地: 拉脱維亞

Country of Origin: LATVIA


Classic Vanilla Ice-cream Cup Multipack 4pcs

It is always natural and creamy, made from fresh milk with vanilla flavouring. The packaging gives a classic feel as it is the original design since 60’s.



拉脫維亞冰淇淋傳統的體現。 自1971年首次推出以來,Pols並沒有改變。 它採用當地農民生產的最豐富的牛奶製成,堅持原始配方,並在包裝上自豪地展示出一隻北極熊。 在選擇新口味時,誠實,熟悉,激動和前衛,該品牌繼續體現童年的品味。


The embodiment of Latvian ice cream tradition. Since it was first introduced in 1971, Pols hasn’t changed a bit. Made from the richest milk produced by local farmers, it sticks to the original recipe and proudly presents a polar bear on its packaging. Honest and familiar as well as exciting and edgy in its choice of new flavours, the brand continues to embody the taste of childhood.


  • Nutrition Information 

    Per 100g 

    Energy                       205kcal/856 kj 

    Protein                                          2.6g 

    Total Fat                                        12g 

    • Saturated fat               7.9g 

    • Trans fat                       0.4g 

    Carbohydrates                              21g 

    • Sugars                            21  g 

    Sodium                                       0.15g 



Pols經典雲呢拿雪糕杯4件裝 Pols Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream Cup Multipack 4pcs