Manuka Lab 麥蘆卡精油 MβTK TM 25+ 10ml

Manuka Lab - MANUKA OIL MBTK 25+ 10ml


舒緩,鎮定和清潔,使您的皮膚清潔潔淨。 MānukaOil有助於淡化斑點,其抗菌特性有助於對抗引起痤瘡的細菌。 MānukaOil有助於保護皮膚的屏障。由於皮膚的屏障可以保護自然水分,因此有助於防止皮膚乾燥,發癢,修復任何傷口或損壞自身。將這種油放在您的浴室櫃子裡,很快就會成為魔幻油。

我們來自新西蘭東開普地區的100%純淨的Mānuka油中含有獨特的天然化學化合物,稱為ß-三酮(β-三酮),含量很高。對含有高含量ß-三酮的Mānuka油的科學研究表明,它具有獨特的抗菌特性,可支持健康和福祉。 MßTK™是一個質量標誌,旨在指示產品中的總β-三酮,並提供天然Mānuka油的質量保證。 MßTK™25+具有很高的ß-三酮含量和獨特的抗菌性能。






Leptospermum Scoparium(Mānuka)分支/葉油






Soothing, calming and cleansing, leaving you with clean and clear skin. Mānuka Oil assists with blemishes, the antimicrobial properties helping fight against bacteria causing acne. Mānuka Oil helps protect skin’s barrier. As skin’s barrier protects natural moisture this helps prevent dryness, itching, repairing any cuts or damage itself. Keep this oil in your bathroom cupboard, it will soon be your go to magic oil.

Our 100% pure Mānuka oil from the East Cape region of New Zealand is very high in unique natural chemical compounds known as ß-triketones (beta-triketones). Scientific research on Mānuka Oil with high levels of ß-triketones shows it has unique antimicrobial properties to support health and wellbeing. MßTK™ is a quality mark developed as an indication of the total ß-triketones in products and to give a quality assurance of natural Mānuka Oil. MßTK™ 25+ has a very high level of ß-triketones and unique antimicrobial properties.


Soothing, calming and cleansing leaving you with clean and clear skin.
Aids faster healing and new cell regeneration.
Antimicrobial and antifungal properties, preventing the development and spread of bacteria such as acne, staph, strep and fungi such as tinea and athletes’ foot.

•    Calming
•    Cleansing
•    Antimicrobial

MßTK™ 25+


Leptospermum Scoparium (Mānuka) Branch/Leaf Oil


Add a few drops to your favourite oil or skin care product, mixing well before applying to skin. Blend with Mānuka Lab Tea Tree Oil for extra defence against bacteria or fungi. Topical use only, always dilute with a carrier. Add to your room diffuser to help calm nerves and anxious feelings.

  • Always patch test on skin before use.
  • If irritation occurs discontinue use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • Replace lid after use.

Manuka Lab 麥蘆卡精油 MβTK TM 25+ 10ml Manuka Lab - MANUKA OIL MBTK 25+ 10ml

Color: White