Maltagliati 天使麵 , 500克

Maltagliati Capellini, 500g


煮4分鐘 500克




1848年,當歷史環境不平靜,西方世界似乎充滿復興精神時,文森佐·馬爾塔利亞蒂(Vincenzo Maltagliati)創立了“ Il Pastificio”。一個故事,在其中一個偉大的事件之一的《大歷史》是人民的春天和意大利的《復興運動》,是理想的背景和靈感,催生了嶄新的意大利現實,而這個現實必將成長並宣稱自己是我們國家的商業冒險。對手工麵食的希望,夢想和獨特激情是其起源的基礎,同時具有將傳統與創新相結合的非凡能力。這樣,文森佐·馬爾塔利亞蒂(Vincenzo Maltagliati)被任命為製面大師,麵食的歷史發展到今天。


帕斯塔·馬爾塔利亞蒂(P asta Maltagliati)是一個真正的交響樂,其中的每個元素都有助於實現完美的一致性和品味。每天從市場上最好的粗麵粉中選擇粗麵粉:對純度和真實性的研究,這些主要特徵可以製造出高質量的產品。



Hard durum wheat semolina pasta, long shapes, slow drying.
Cook  4 min.  500 gr.

Average nutritional values for 100gr pasta
Energy value:362 Kcal



I n 1848, when the historical setting was not in peace and the Western World seemed to be pervaded by a spirit of renewal, Vincenzo Maltagliati founded “Il Pastificio”. A story tale in which the Great History, the one of the big events, of the Springtime of the Peoples and of the Italian Risorgimento, was the ideal setting and inspiration that gave birth to a new Italian reality, that was bound to grow up and assert itself as a business venture of our country. Hopes, dreams and a unique passion for handmade pasta are the base of its origin together with an extraordinary capacity of combining tradition and innovation. In this way Vincenzo Maltagliati was appointed Master Pasta Maker and the history of pasta evolved to what it is today.


P asta Maltagliati a real symphony in which every element contributes to achieve the perfect consistency and taste. The semolina is daily selected among the best provided by the market: a research of purity and authenticity, the main features that allow to create a product of high quality.



Maltagliati 天使麵, 500克 MaltagliatiCapellini, 500g

Color: White