(4款口味 - 白朱古力紅莓, 布朗尼, 開心果及椰子)

Ekselence Multipack Stick Collection 4pcs 

(4 Flavors - White Chocolate Cranberry, Brownie, Pistachio and Coconut)

2 盒: HK$239

2 boxes: HK$239

(可選擇不同味道而同價格的雪糕 May choose different flavors and the same price ice cream)





原產地: 拉脱維亞



A combination of all 4 ice-cream sticks by Ekselence - Raspberry with white chocolate, Brownie, Pistachio and Coconut. Perfect to share among with friends and family. 


Mixed Flavour Stick Multipack

Includes all the flavours in a box, it’s perfect to try out to find what’s your favourite!

Includes one of each:

Brownie Stick

Pistachio Stick

Raspberry Stick

Coconut & Almond Stick


Country of Origin: LATVIA


Ekselence受拉脫維亞和北歐美食文化的啟發,Ekselence冰淇淋是拉脫維亞工藝的完美代表。 Ekselence由最豐富的拉脫維亞牛奶和奶油製成,再加上最優質的食品和精心挑選的成分,可為您提供精湛的口味體驗。 這種冰淇淋是對完美的熱情創造的藝術品。


EkselenceInspired by both Latvian and Northern European gourmet cultures, Ekselence ice cream is the perfection of Latvian artisanship. Made from the richest Latvian milk and cream, combined with the finest quality, carefully selected ingredients, Ekselence offers a masterful taste experience. This ice cream is a work of art created with a passion for perfection.


  • Brownie Stick:

    Nutrition Information 


    Per 100g 

    Energy                     325kcal/1355kj 

    Protein                                       3.4g 

    Total Fat                                     20g 

    • Saturated fat            12g 

    • Trans fat                   0.1g 

    Carbohydrates                          33g 

    • Sugars                         29g 

    Sodium                                   14mg 


    Pistachio Stick:

    Nutrition Information 


    Per 100g 

    Energy                      311kcal/1300kj 

    Protein                                        3.8g 

    Total Fat                                      18g 

    • Saturated fat             11g 

    • Trans fat                    0.2g 

    Carbohydrates                          33g 

    • Sugars                        30g 

    Sodium                                    15mg 


    Raspberry Stick:

    Nutrition Information 

    Per 100g 

    Energy                         325kcal/1354kj 

    Protein                                           3.4g 

    Total Fat                                      21.0g 

    • Saturated fat             13.0g 

    • Trans fat                       0.2g 

    Carbohydrates                           29.0g 

    • Sugars                         21.0g 

    Sodium                                       14mg 


Ekselence脆皮雪糕批4件裝 Ekselence Multipack Stick Collection 4pcs